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Starlet Lash Lounge is a luxury lash studio in Sarasota that specializes in creating natural glam lash sets, while keeping your natural lashes healthy. Our signature style is Russian Volume but we also offer a variety of lash services.

We believe lash extensions should be more than a service but an experience. Which is why we only offer the highest quality materials and customize your set to bring out your natural beauty based on your unique features and style. This way you can feel confident day in and day out!


Audrey Raezer

Entered the beauty industry in 2014, in 2015 learned lash extensions and opened Starlet Lash Lounge. Obtained 10 certifications from top lash academies. Continuing education. Quality is top priority. Believes everyone deserves to be their personal best.




frequently asked questions

Russian Volume Lash Extensions are the application of multiple feather light weight extensions that are handmade into a fan and placed on to one natural lash. The goal with Russian Volume is to create a fluffy, soft appearance while aiming for 100% coverage. This way your set looks good in between “Touch Up” appointments.  Since they are much lighter in weight than Classic Extensions (the application of one thicker extension onto one natural lash) they tend to last longer.

Absolutely! Thats whats wonderful about volume lashes is that they are very versatile. They are also much thiner in diameter than a classic extension. It’s just a matter of adjusting the fan size to a smaller width. Another great option is to start with is the Mixed Set. This is the combination of Russian  Volume and Classic together. The Classic lashes break up the Russian Volume in the lash line making the set look lighter and gives it more texture, which then creates a natural look.

Not if they are applied correctly. At Starlet Lash Lounge the health of your natural lashes takes top priority. Each extension is placed onto one natural lash. This ensures the natural lash can shed out properly and does not cause any tugging and pulling on premature lashes that are not ready to shed. The condition of your natural lashes are also taken into consideration when deciding lengths and widths. Extensions that are too heavy will never be applied.

Your lashes have a natural growth cycle and since the extensions are placed onto one natural lash they will shed out with your natural lash. It is common to loose anywhere from 3-5 lashes in a day. To ensure your extensions look nice and full you will want to come back every 2-3 weeks for a “Touch Up” appointment. We will determine which option is best for you based on your preference and life style. The wonderful thing about “Touch Up” appointments is the uninterrupted nap time 🙂

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