Lash Extensions


What were known for! Whether your style is more au naturalle or dramatic this set delivers! The RUSSIAN VOLUME set is achieved by placing multiple feather light weight extensions that are handmade into a fan onto one natural lash, allowing a dark lash line while keeping your natural lashes healthy. You can ditch the mascara AND eyeliner. Now thats what you’d call effortless beauty!


Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows. “Tinting allows a professional to manipulate the brow area by darkening the fine hairs that surround the perimeter of the brow to increase the width,” says Sacks. “It also allows the specialist to darken the fine hairs in the inner core of the brow that are in less dense areas. This creates a longer brow line (brow tail) or fuller front and a more ideal shape.”

Brow Shaping

Brow shaping involves waxing and tweezing along your brow’s natural lines to ensure a perfect contour. It opens up your face, brightens your eyes, and highlights your bone structure. With eyebrow tinting, a safe semi-permanent tint is applied to shape, define, and enhance your brows

Lash Lift


The most natural, low maintenance lash service of all! Through a chemical process, your natural lashes will be lifted, and curled with results lasting 6-8 weeks. To ensure your lashes stay healthy we add a keratin treatment at no extra charge.